You should setup your e-mail client properties
correctly as shown below:


SMTP Server:
SMTP (STARTSSL) port: 25
SMTP SSL/TLS port: 465
SMTP Authentication: on

POP3 Server:
POP3 (STARTSSL) port: 110
POP3 SSL/TLS port: 995

IMAP Server:
IMAP (STARTSSL) port: 143
IMAP SSL/TLS port: 993


We recommend popular software ThunderBird or The Bat. Connection types availaible: insecure, secure STARTTLS or TLS. Secure connection type TLS is recommended.
You should confirm certificate from, when connecting to the server first time, just answer "Yes".
Max message size 115 Mbytes.
Max mailbox size - 10 Gbyte.
Max message per minute (sending) - 10 per min.


Email messages detected as SPAM will be marked ***SPAM*** in the SUBJECT. It's recomended to use sorting filters for marked incomming mail in your mail client program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Messages come with a delay. A: Messages might be delayed by anti-spam filter up to 1-2 hours. Only the first message from each sender is delayed. If you have previously received a message from a sender, then the next messages from the same sender will be delivered without a delay.

Q: I don’t receive messages from other senders and the other senders do not get my messages. A: Most likely your domain registration is expired, check the domain registration period and, if necessary, contact the registrar for registration renewal.

Q: I do not receive messages from a specific sender, but I receive messages from other senders. A: Most likely the problem is on the sender’s side. In this case, the administrator of the sender's mail server should be contacted.

Q: When sending email I get the message "relay access denied". A: Your authentication is not configured. Configure your mail client according to the instructions.

Q: When sending email I get the message "sender address rejected: not owned by user". A: Your email client logged in to but a return address differs from the address stated Forgery of the sender's address is not allowed, check your e-mail client: the return address must be the same as login.

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